Coriendo uses Enj to deliver cost- and time-saving Business Process Management (BPM) solutions for every aspect of an organization. Here are several areas where we regularly assist business and government:

With Enj, it is not necessary to scrap your existing IT infrastructure. Enj can sit on top of your existing systems, and serve as the link between these systems, saving money and adding value to your operations.

Accounting Consolidations
Consolidation of accounts at the end of each reporting period can be a major problem for some companies. Coriendo has an Enj-based solution, “Consolidation Manager,” that can help those corporations that have multiple subsidiaries or divisions, or operate in several geographic areas. Consolidation Manager is designed to fix the problems that arise as a result of disparate accounting systems, multiple GAAPs, or the need to make multiple intercompany adjustments at the end of each accounting period. Consolidation Manager uses Enj to set up a well-defined, flexible, secure, repeatable, and automated consolidation process.

Document Management
Coriendo’s Enj-based solution that makes it possible for organizations to access their information where and when needed, and to provide this same functionality to the various external parties with whom they do business. This solution uses Enj’s built-in document management functionality as well as its robust web portal capability.

Procurement Management
Coriendo uses Enj to build BPM-based solutions to automate procurement processes. Enj’s built-in rules engine is an important component since it make possible the setting of spending limits, and automates checking for budget line item compliance. Enj’s GL extension allows procurement to be automatically fed into the organization’s general ledger. Coriendo’s procurement management solution allows organizations to get control over the procurement process and to track and monitor every expenditure.

Compliance and Audit
Coriendo works with consultants, accounting firms, and subject matter experts to provide an Enj-based BPM solution that automates the business processes that have been documented as part of complying with Sarbanes Oxley and/or the implementation of an internal audit procedure. Coriendo’s BPM tool can substantially reduce the cost for performing ongoing audits, internal and statutory, as well as improve operations. We also work directly with businesses who wish to automate their previously documented processes.

Claims Processing
The property and casualty claims processing function is ready made for a BPM solution. Coriendo uses Enj to automate claims processing activities. Enj makes it possible to automate the workflow and to build in rules to follow a company’s guidelines. Additionally, Enj has a built-in document management system to attach all claim related information. Coriendo’s claims processing solution automates claims notification, initial claims review, claim approval/denial, establishment of a reserve, and initiation of financial transactions.

Research Programs and Clinical Trials
Managers of clinical trials face many challenging problems: performing the research accurately, and following a long list of quality-related procedures to ensure that data generated are precise, verifiable and reproducible, and accurate billing.  Coriendo used Enj to create a comprehensive solution that integrates the electronic data capture requirements associated with the Clinical Care Manager approvals, claims and billing processes into the other processes that make up clinical research management function close fit to your organizational needs. Our system  offers an automated workflow with built-in rules and requirements to handle every stage in a research program or clinical trial with speed, flexibility, and rigorous compliance.

Commercial Lending
The current credit environment requires that banking institutions find ways to be ever more vigilant in enforcing their lending guidelines for new loans so as to improve the quality of their loan portfolio. This essentially means doing a better job of tracking and monitoring new loan applications and the subsequent approval process. Coriendo offers financial institutions an Enj-based BPM solution that can bring structure to and automate the lending process, and ensure compliance with the bank's lending guidelines.

Mortgage Processing
The mortgage approval process has come under increased scrutiny because of the widespread problems associated with both the guidelines that were applied and the ability of lenders to enforce compliance with their lending policies. Coriendo offers two Enj-based BPM solutions in the mortgage processing area. One provides an integrated system to automate the mortgage approval process from origination through underwriting and securitization. The other provides an automated system to handle the foreclosure process.

The above are just a sampling of the many ways Coriendo can help your business run faster, smoother, and better.


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