Coriendo provides comprehensive professional services to implement your custom Business Process Management (BPM) solution smoothly and seamlessly: 

Account and Project Management

We assign one of our executive managers to serve as a top level contact with your executive staff. A project manager is then assigned to steer the project on a day-to-day basis, and to serve as the interface with your project manager. A written project plan with milestones is established and agreed to upfront and weekly progress meetings are held either in person or by phone.

Solutions Consulting and Design
Coriendo follows the Iterative BPM implementation methodology that facilitates a close-fit, evergreen solution. The Iterative BPM implementation methodology consists of the following parts:
Phase I – Business analysis and ‘Solution fit’ planning; initial study and specifications
Phase II Iteration 1 – Pilot and prototypes
Phase III – Specification detailing and finalization
Phase IV Iteration 2 – Solution Configuration
Phase V – Deployment
Phase VI Iteration 3+ – Ongoing process improvements

Coriendo will walk with you through every step of deployment, including:
1. Installation of the solution
2. Training users on the solution
3. Training technical staff on the BPM solution administration
4. Training analysts in solution configuration and ever-greening
5. Implementation of the solution on site
6. Migration of old data, if applicable
7. Handover of the process, including parallel runs if any are applicable

Data Migration

Coriendo has an experienced staff that can provide data migration services if desired. However, because of Coriendo’s robust systems integration functionality, we are often able to provide an alternative to costly data migration efforts. Enj has an automated component called “Ports” which allows us to tie into legacy system, import the data into the new system, and then transfer the updated data back to the legacy system thus avoiding the cost of data migration and preserving the value of previous IT investments.

Integration to Infrastructure

Our services teams provide integration services using Ports to specify data interchange requirements, XML or file standards, frequency, instantiation, and business rules governing the data interchange. Ports provides a capability for ‘docking’ applications to have access to a uniform ‘method’. Ports supports all the 3 possible data interchange strategies: Direct Database Access, File Exchange, and Web Services. It supports a variety of file and data formats including variants of XML. Ports has comprehensive features to handle both inbound and outbound, either in a synchronous or asynchronous fashion.


Coriendo provides comprehensive training on both aspects of the solution: the processes being automated as well as the underlying BPM solution. Please contact us for more information on the different training modules that are provided by Coriendo.

Maintenance and Support

Coriendo’s team provides support for all aspects of the solution: processes configured, any customization, systems administration, maintenance,
trouble-shooting, etc.


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