Coriendo's clients are in both the private sector and the public sector. We serve both large and small organizations. While our clients span a wide variety of industries, we specialize in:

Financial Services
Insurance Services

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Below are specific examples of how Coriendo has used Enj to provide solutions to its customers:
Coriendo assisted Asset Map Inc. by developing a private wealth management financial planning tool that collects and displays information on a client’s assets and liabilities in one location
Capture Resource
Another example of Coriendo's use of Enj to link together two different systems is the work it performed for Capture Resource, a provider of loyalty programs to retail chains. In March, 2004, Capture Resource acquired a competitive company that shared a number of the same customers. Coriendo was engaged to build a system that would allow the two companies to continue using their existing accounting system while consolidating the billing functionality to allow them to produce one bill for each customer.

Given Enj's powerful system integration capabilities and the ability to configure processes without writing computer code, the project was successfully implemented within two months, and continues to provide benefits to Capture Resource.
Coriendo has built, implemented and is currently providing maintenance, support, and hosting for a system used by a care management company, Complex Care Solutions (CCS). CCS helps reduce costs for healthcare insurance providers. CCS contracts with multiple insurance companies to manage patient services for individuals with complex and unstable health needs.

Coriendo also developed a master patient index to manage patient identities across multiple systems, and has developed and implemented an electronic health record system that CCS uses to provide proprietary 24/7 clinical support and intensive interventions based upon customized patient care plans. The solution also includes an interface that assembles and displays each patient’s medical history from multiple data bases. This gives the care provider access to the patient’s medical history, medications, lab results, allergies, and other relevant medical information, a key requirement to providing collaborative and continuing patient care.

Dechert is a global law firm which needed a system to allow its attorneys to share and collaborate on documents with external third parties. Coriendo was selected in March 2004 to build and host a web based document management system.

Educerus is an Illinois based company which specializes in helping insurance companies control the medical costs for its subscribers with chronic diseases. Coriendo has built and is hosting a care management system for Educerus, which came online in August, 2011. Additional process enhancements to the system are currently being developed.

GF Data Resources provides its subscribers with up-to-date comparative financial information on private equity transactions in the range of $10 million to $250 million. Coriendo was selected in March 2006 to build a web portal based system to allow each private equity firm to upload information on their transaction, and to have this data processed in such a way as to protect the identify of any given transaction.

In early 2008, Coriendo was awarded an additional contract to enhance the system by creating a searchable data base that subscribers could access using the Enj built web portal. Coriendo was also selected to host the system and has done so since 2006.

The MRO Corp (MRO), a Release Of Information (ROI) provider based in King of Prussia, PA, contracted with Coriendo for the esMD Connect Gateway Development Project. This project involved building an interoperability solution for MRO to enhance the services they provide for the release of medical information records.

Coriendo was responsible for building the gateway interfaces that makes it possible for MRO to send electronic medical records from their customers such as hospitals and doctors to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Coriendo is also building additional electronic interfaces to help MRO deliver electronic health records to CMS for what is referred to as the Direct Project.

Coriendo's work at the Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, HI, provides a good example of Enj’s ability to provide a comprehensive solution. Initially, Coriendo was awarded a contract to build a pilot of an integrated patient reporting system in August, 2006. The contract was with the Pacific Health Care Collaborative, a joint venture of the Veterans Affairs Pacific Islands Health Care System (VAPIHCS) and the Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC). Coriendo successfully completed the pilot and was awarded a contract to develop and implement a fully operational system, which involved using Enj to integrate the medical information systems of these two agencies, and to automate patient referral, accounting, and billing processes.

Coriendo completed installation of the full system in May, 2008. Coriendo's solution included the development, implementation, and testing of an information system that links together the DoD system with the VA system. Coriendo built an integrated patient reporting module that supports referral management, document management, and workload and claims management. The new system now facilitates the flow of information back and forth between the DoD and the VA, and results in a system that supports a collaboration process among users to share information, work, and communicate effectively and efficiently. The system also supports workflow process reengineering by delivering a system that generates, produces, stores, manages, retrieves, and distributes electronic files, yielding greater efficiencies in the ability to reuse information.

Coriendo was awarded an extension to its contract which  extended its scope of work to include providing support services and automating additional business processes. 

In September, 2008, Coriendo was awarded a multi-year contract for additional work for the Pacific Health Care Collaborative at Tripler Army Medical Center. The scope of this task is to augment and enhance the implementation of the Document & Referral Management System referred to at Tripler as the “DR”, and registered with the Army as a system of record as “DRMS”. The Enhanced DR (E-DR) consists of the following tasks: Bi-directional referral management (RefMgmt) and document management (DocMgmt) modules; a charge master-based billing (CMBB) system; an Interface with the Vista Fee IPAC system and an Analytics component.

Coriendo is currently working under contract at Tripler Army Medical Center until Sept 30, 2014.

Academic Medical Center/School of Medicine

The Health System awarded Coriendo a contract to develop a Research Billing System which, when completed, will provide a solution that links together their disparate accounting data bases and reconciles their patient billing and grant accounting systems. A significant part of the process involves providing automated access for clinical managers to review and approve the care before billing. We are also automating the information flows of the reconciliation process between these two billing systems.