Section 508 requires that Federal agencies' electronic and information technology is accessible to people with disabilities. Section 508 requires the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board to publish standards setting forth a definition of electronic and information technology and the technical and functional performance criteria necessary for accessibility for such technology. If an agency determines that meeting the standards, when procuring electronic and information technology, imposes an undue burden, it must explain why meeting the standards creates an undue burden.

We acknowledge the need for web based applications and information to be accessible by all. Therefore, we have made it our policy and a priority to regularly review the technology we use to assess its accessibility by all users, impaired and unimpaired. We are following standards set by Our design and developments standards and quality assurance process ensure universal acceptance by all users.

Browser Support
Most popular browsers provide accessibility features for individuals with disabilities. These include keyboard access, special keyboard layouts, customizable appearance such as font sizes and colors to enhance the web surfing and application usage experience.

Proprietary Services
There are many proprietary products and services available for individuals with disabilities such as text telephone services, voice recognition tools, screen readers, recording services, telecommunication devices, special typewriters, and more.

Solution Support
Coriendo is committed to ensuring that our solutions are accessible and usable by all our customers. Enj has a personalization module My Enj that helps in making Enj a personal experience for each user. Design modules, i.e. Modeler and Designer have both text and shape cues. Tool tips are provided for ease in comprehension. Enj run-time, i.e. Transact module can be driven completely through keyboard navigation apart from mouse support. We will continue to improve compliance to section 508 accessibility standards in the  future.

We do and will make special efforts to customize Enj and train users with disabilities on Enj, browser support and proprietary services, if any such need is brought to our attention.