Most health organizations have well developed information systems that serve specific clinical and business needs. However, even the most robust electronic health record (EHR) systems do not have efficient means to exchange patient information with other providers. Systems that served well in the past may not meet our current and future needs. With the transformation of our health system and new pressure from payers we are recognizing a need to work differently: to work together.

Coriendo builds real time health information exchanges to share patient data on demand that can be accessed by all caregivers in your expanding organization. Information is available when you need it: to provide coordinated care that helps you keep your community of patients safe and well. Tracking patient issues, care gaps and intervention alerts supports your ability to deliver safe, timely, effective care and monitor the overall wellness of the population you serve.

Using Enj Coriendo creates the structure for your ACO, or collaborative care relationships. Enj allows you to track and monitor various activities that up until now are done manually or with fax, email, excel spreadsheets, etc. By bridging disparate EHR systems, Enj provides a solution for growing accountable care organizations by providing interoperability among all care givers in an ACO: hospital, physicians, ambulatory care, home care, continuing care, educators, researchers and patients. Our approach uses a Master Patient Index to create a common identifier for each patient so that their information can be accessed at each provider’s location. We then assemble and present each patient’s information in one integrated patient portal, establishing a Health Information Exchange (HIE).

Coriendo Health’s success has been in large part due to Enj’s ability to configure a business process without the need to write computer code, and to easily integrate these processes with existing systems. Not having to write computer code makes it possible to lower development costs and reduce delivery times. In addition, most importantly, since we use an iterative and incremental development cycle that can include a working pilot, there is a lot less risk for the client of getting a system that doesn’t meet their needs. The HIE can easily grow to include an expanding network of caregivers.

Financial tracking for Shared Savings systems can be a challenge. Coriendo works with the ACO’s various financial and volume tracking systems to create a reliable, auditable Shared Savings system that is easily amended to on board new providers and organizations as the ACO grows and matures.

Because Enj does not require code to make changes, development is flexible and fast. And because information is now centered on the individual patient, data can be configured that allows you to predict care needs, monitor quality and manage finances. We also provide supportive services (HIE data validation and maintenance services, etc) to meet your needs and requirements. With Enj, it is not necessary to scrap your existing IT infrastructure. Enj can sit on top of your existing systems, and serve as the link between these systems, saving money and adding value to your operations. Coriendo has experience working to build solutions for hospitals, clinics, and research institutes. Our healthcare services process experience includes complete interoperability solutions to enable your changing and expanding system of care:

Real-Time Health Information Exchanges
Clinical Workflow Planning And Management
30-Day Readmission Management
Patient Health Assessment
Care Planning
Consent Management
Care Management
Disease Management
Patient Portal
Physician Portal
Patient Referral And Consult Management
Electronic Health Record Interoperability
Document Management
IT Help Desk
Health Care Claim Generator
Research Billing Systems
Accounts Payable And Accounts Receivable
Revenue Cycle Management

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