Ellen Guarnieri Featured In SJ Biz Magazine “A Center for Innovation” Publication

December 2013

Coriendo, LLC
Before Ellen Guarnieri joined Coriendo as partner and lead for its health division out of its Medford office, she held various leadership positions at hospitals in the state. She says one of the most frustrating aspects of her job was the availability of valid information to support safe, effective patient care and contribute to clinical outcome improvement. Gathering data from disparate systems was challenging, labor intensive and time consuming. Operational workflows would change to meet the requirement of automated systems.

Thanks to proprietary software developed by her business partner, Coriendo COO Manoj Sinha, those serving in positions like Guarnieri used to no longer have to go through this painstaking process. “[Our software] can integrate their whole process. We can work with existing systems and link them together without writing software code.”

Coriendo provides integrated technology solutions to organizations to address the challenge of coordinating the continuum of care. Coriendo’s solutions address the universe of collaboration needs, linking together internal systems and databases that do not talk to each other, filling in and automating the process gaps that exist, and connecting a provider’s systems electronically with other health care providers to provide higher-quality patient care. The innovative aspect of their solution is that it does not replace the existing information infrastructure but leverages and builds on this infrastructure to provide episodic care information and facilitate coordination of care. Enabled by their innovative business process management tool, they accomplish interoperability with little need to write computer code.

“This really isn’t a product we put in a package,” Guarnieri says. “It’s a custom-fit, integrated solution. We work with our client to evaluate the systems in place, design the ideal process, link systems together and add value to their operation.”


About Coriendo, LLC

Coriendo, LLC is a Pennsylvania limited liability company that is based in Bala Cynwyd, PA. Coriendo links together systems that need to talk with each other and automates business processes using “Enj”, a Business Process Management suite of software tools. The innovative aspect of Coriendo’s solution is that it does not replace the existing information infrastructure leverages and builds on this infrastructure to add value and a close-fit, evergreen solution. Its customers are in healthcare, financial services, and government.   For more information, please contact: Ellen Guarnieri at 609-678-7821 or by e-mail at eguarnieri@coriendo.com.